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Am I seller or am I artist?

Let's talk about something that no any owner of creative business will ever say out loud: what I do for money and what I do for my own art and creativity? Risky thing to say in front of customers. I know many of other crown and jewelry makers following me and I know we all had a peak into "sales tips" at Etsy or other online portals at least ones in ours lives. The only common advice there for easy selling - do what sells well, do trendy things, do what people are expecting to buy in nearest future. Well, that a good advice. But I still can't follow it! I have a creative monster inside of me who is...

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Back to black: Halloween Specials

Some new crowns have landed into the shop! The most elegant color is now in stock of MoonDome shop. It is like having a little black dress, but crown. I need to set up Halloween photo shoot to catch these two beautiful creations in all its glory! Working with black painted/coated metal is not that easy ast there is a constant risk of scratching the smooth surface. i am always taking extra care while creating crowns as I believe in saying  that truly chick pieces are not only beautiful from front side, but on back side two.  I am hsppy with these crowns and will see? if they will still your heart too...      

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Tassels for summer

In previous post I was talking about making something different for sake of progress in your own style and skills. That is something that really taking me a lots of time to think about. Because creative business is always a way that only goes futher and never could be steady and still. For some reason I always been after a  golden tone materials before summer. I am not much gold person. It feels like "cat or dog" choice - there is no solid reason to prefer one over another, but we all have own tastes and so we go for something we used to like before. Summer time feels like you can play more with accessories, add something new to your look...

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