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Am I seller or am I artist?

Let's talk about something that no any owner of creative business will ever say out loud: what I do for money and what I do for my own art and creativity? Risky thing to say in front of customers. I know many of other crown and jewelry makers following me and I know we all had a peak into "sales tips" at Etsy or other online portals at least ones in ours lives. The only common advice there for easy selling - do what sells well, do trendy things, do what people are expecting to buy in nearest future. Well, that a good advice. But I still can't follow it! I have a creative monster inside of me who is...

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The edge of the perception

Have you ever thought about how you may look in the eyes of others?  They say, marketing is a skill that let you speak the language of your auditory. From my own experience and my friends stories, I know that most of struggles for new artists, especially when they aim to set up a business, comes from a question - what I represent and how can I state that through my own business style? You see, there is nothing about "what should I produce to be heard" because creations come first, we are already creating them. But if we want to sell them, we need to position yourself on market in specific way, you need to tell your story on language that your...

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Meet The Maker

Whoop-whoop! I am flipping over with my first ever-ever-ever interview as a small business owner! I never told my story and all behind the scene snick a peeks, but this is what is all about my creative life is. I suppose myself as beginner in creative business, so the interview probably will be kind of relaxing pill to everyone who is straggling to find the right way in craft business and make life-changing resolutions to move creativeness to the next level. You are not alone, palls. And there is some people who can help you! Check out my interview with Lucky Break Consulting. So exited! Probably newer will have a sleep tonight!

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