Tassels for summer

In previous post I was talking about making something different for sake of progress in your own style and skills. That is something that really taking me a lots of time to think about. Because creative business is always a way that only goes futher and never could be steady and still.

For some reason I always been after a  golden tone materials before summer. I am not much gold person. It feels like "cat or dog" choice - there is no solid reason to prefer one over another, but we all have own tastes and so we go for something we used to like before. Summer time feels like you can play more with accessories, add something new to your look and compromise your own standards. Each time I am creating new collection I think about myself too - if it something I gonna like? How would I wear that new thing? Will it be comfortable and eye catching or modest accessory? There is a joke in psychology that each psychologist that had published theory of personality is basically describing himself and his friends. I guess, jewelry designer are the same - we creating things foe our selves  at first place that later become popular among our auditory with similar tastes and values. That is exactly the reason how my brand appeared - I just wanted some beautiful jewelry that wasn't yet made by anyone on actual market. 

My summer collection is definitely one of those creations that I will wear by myself simply because I love it so much! Brass golden shine reminds me sun and warmth of summer evenings. Silky tassels - light dresses and breath of a fresh wind in midday in July. 

I love silky tassels and I proud to find a suitable natural material that is cruelty free and still gives you that stunning feel and glow of real silk. I made each tassel by hand with viscose thread and I you can be sure that they are unique and and ethically produced. In future I want to focus more on making my products more modern in terms of ethics and ecologically sensible choices - to use more synthetic stones if sourcing of same type of natural ones is making harm to environment.

So if you would like to support ethical and ecological principles, buy from small businesses and indie artists. 

To shop summer earrings collection follow this link.