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Tassels for summer

In previous post I was talking about making something different for sake of progress in your own style and skills. That is something that really taking me a lots of time to think about. Because creative business is always a way that only goes futher and never could be steady and still. For some reason I always been after a  golden tone materials before summer. I am not much gold person. It feels like "cat or dog" choice - there is no solid reason to prefer one over another, but we all have own tastes and so we go for something we used to like before. Summer time feels like you can play more with accessories, add something new to your look...

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Organic series coming up

You probably noticed that Nature is a source of inspiration for a lots of jewelry artists. I am one of those who also loosing mind looking at organic inspired accessories, but have you ever thing about to wear a real piece of art created by nature and bounded by designer in solid metal? If your answer yes, than this new collection is defiantly your mus-have for the season. All this bits been created  out real blossoms and leaves gently sourced by hand, covered with bare copper and complimented with freshwater pearls, black agate and mother of pearl beads. Classy and chick, but still with a bohemian character.  Coming soon in the shop 

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Display and organize jewellery: pain or joy?

Every jewelley designer or lover must once to face this: how to store or display your treasures? I am mad about how to organize and display my endless collections, and my motto is - the beautiful things must be displayed in beautiful way. I have a whole pin board on Pinteres with storage ideas and beautiful display inspirations for jewelry shops, private collections and craft venues. After some ages spent on craft fairs, it seems to me that I finally found the way to organize my spot in beautiful and costumer friendly way. Because you know, my meaning of beautiful is not always utility focused which is not good at all. Maybe I just love to organize looking windows and...

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