Am I seller or am I artist?

Let's talk about something that no any owner of creative business will ever say out loud: what I do for money and what I do for my own art and creativity? Risky thing to say in front of customers. I know many of other crown and jewelry makers following me and I know we all had a peak into "sales tips" at Etsy or other online portals at least ones in ours lives. The only common advice there for easy selling - do what sells well, do trendy things, do what people are expecting to buy in nearest future. Well, that a good advice. But I still can't follow it!

I have a creative monster inside of me who is ruining my "image" and "business strategy" and telling me - hey, let's create something new, impossible, unusual, let's invest your money in materials no one knows about, let's go against the flow. Maybe that's why I am not a millionaire 😄 I can't drop my creative needs for business needs. I am not good businesswoman, but I claim to be a good artist because I am in constant search of new ways to express my concepts and ideas.  I am curios about materials, about recycling, about better ways to make a statement through your style, your art and your way to present yourself to the world.

The balance between making money and making what your soul wants you to do is really important to the point you might set up schedule when you do things that sell and things that fulfill you with joy of making art. Because  if you wouldn't follow that inner call - you will turn miserable and sleepless. So it is really one of your top creative needs  - to bring your own ideas into life. But on the other hand, we all here to make money. 

For myself I resolved this problem in way to set up some lines of spending time and money on projects, that most likely will not have a commercial potential - I make them (and show them around my social media to see the feedback), but not investing in those items more than 20% of my working time and funds allowed to spend on supplies monthly. 

It may happen and happened in past, that my art projects got a good respond and been under interest of my customers to buy them. This is the best moments that I have in my business life - moment of real appreciation and feel that I am moving in right direction. Along with moments when I see my creations on customers, involving in their life moments. I guess, that is my main motive - to feel connected to people and help them to feel unique and happy with that. And this is the main reason why small business is very different from corporatism and big industry - it is about people at first place and only than about making money. 

 I had dedicated my May 2019 to unusual materials and statement hairpieces untypical for my brand. Many more are still in progress and not yet listed to the shop. I let my hands play with supplies and my ideas to get any possible shape without thinking a lot about how will I ship this piece or if my time will give me funds to put food on table.  As I said, I am not brilliant in business, but I simply love what I do. And I hope you can feel it 💙

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