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If you in love with natural materials and timeless pieces of our Universe, such as crystals, gemstones, real minerals and bare metals, then my shop is just for you! If you believe that all natural things have their own protective power and energy cast in every tiny rock and crystal piece, and you are charmed by their wildness and perfection, than I like to welcome you at my website.

This is the right place for you to find your own masterpiece embedded with positive vibrations and inspired by the greatest ever known artist - The Nature. So you can enjoy your private sacred piece of jewelry every day wearing it just on your arm or around your neck with all its power, supporting and protecting your personality in every day of your life. 



MoonDome shop

MoonDome as a brand has been founded in 2015 by one dreamer who is charmed  with  metal smith and earthy finds.

At the moment MoonDome based in beautiful Scotland  whose spectacular  scenery and wild nature are one of the main source for creative inspiration for MoonDome jewelry. 

All Items are hand crafted and created with love and care to environment. MoonDome shop is supporting green crafts and lots of ours items are proudly made of recycled materials, old and vintage beads, reclaimed copper sheets and wires. 

We are using recyclable materials such as paper and kraft cardboard boxes to send our jewelry securely and safe directly to your place. All of our packing is reusable for jewelry storage or crafy projects - another great way to care about our planet.  

The other amazing thing about MoonDome jewellery is that all creations remain truly and unique trough the time. Bare materials like silver, copper and brass are solid and friendly for everyday wearing. Believe me, once you fall in love with them, you will be glad to enjoy their real and long lasting life existence.


Meet Ievgeniia, the creator and owner of MoonDome shop

We all have dreams. My name is Ievgeniia and I want to tell you the story about how my dream come true. 

Since I was a child, I have been collecting sea wanders and tiny tumbled stones that lied on the road next to my grandma house. I didn't know what is my collection for, but I was charmed by shapes and colors of my treasures. The fact that crystals and gemstones were formed probably a million years ago, and tiny stones from the road at my grandma place were on the bottom of prehistoric sea. That's why they were smooth in shape, just like sea stones, but a hundreds kilometers far from modern sea coast line, - that all were magical and so inspiring, unknown and full of mysterious inner glow.

After years I tried a lots types of crafts, as I was feeling so alive while creating something, but still lost with what I really want to do and to speak through with my own voice. On the other hand, I was feeling sad about the fact that a lots of items in this word has their quite limited lifetime. But not crystals and stones, they could last forever.
Once I discovered wire wrapping and metal working for myself. That was passion from a first touch! Since my first meet metal smith in 2013 I never doubt that this is what I want to do and share with others - hand crafted pieces that praise beauty of Nature and the Word around.  All my childhood dreams about real, lasting treasures came back to me!

At the same time I found that my surname Zlotar translates from old Polish language as "jeweler that working with gemstones" . I believe it was my destiny.

Than it was a period when I was learning different jewelry making technology and seeking for my own style. And in 2015 MoonDome was born as a brand with all my heart and passion.



The other thing you probably would be interesting to know is that I am working mom of two little kids. For me to have opportunity to share my creations and work from home means to stay with my little ones without loosing myself in everyday routine. Buying from my shop also means that you creating a little magic - you helping me to make my dream come true and giving my family an opportunity to be closer. To support small business means to be a part of someones dream and this is so important and so valuable.

Let's be inspired, let's be magical, no matter where do you live - in a crowded city or on nature's lap.

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