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Hidden places to discover around Livingston, West Lothian

Livingston is my home for more tan 5 years by now. Many people would say there is nothing to do in the area apart from Shopping Center, which is huge and there is even a nice piece of contemporary art in mail hall - kinetic  sculpture under the dome, and Almond valley heritage center which is super fun to go with kids as they have miniature railway, farm animals where you can see highland coos, carting, camera obscura, picnic area and many more (including the words's oldest fossil reptile  listed in Guiness Words record book).  But I always loved more hidden and secret places, which is harder to find and probably they would nit compete to more touristic destination, but still...

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Loch Ard forest trail and Little Fawn waterfall

  I think the hardest for me living lockdown life was that feeling that you can't leave your area and go to the trip to a new place you never been before. Not to mention that Scotland is very rich on absolutely fantastic spots and extremely picturesque walks trails and hiking routes.  We even found a couple of gorgeous spots around our area that I will make another blogpost about soon.   So since last week restriction on parking and staying local for recreational purposes were lifted and I took that chance to escape to the forest.  Despite summer and relatively warm weather, it was a rainy day with fog and no winds what making Scottish forests look even more...

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Day Trip to Ruby bay

When it comes to beach walk, Scotland may confuse anyone with the wide selection of options can drive to within an hour from Edinburgh. And Kingdom of Fife (north west from Edinburgh, just across the Firth of Forth) is full of different scenic routes and beaches that will steal your heart and will make your camera roll burst of sea views photos. After lockdown was lifted a bit, we decided to take kids to burn their crazy somewhere outdoors and as all our family prefer easy and chill type of day travel, we went to a little town of Elie and beach called Ruby bay (I didn't know the reason of such name at the time) because it was not...

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