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Linn Jaw Waterfall: from lucky find to Indian themed photoshoot

There is always a bright side, right? This lockdown in Scotland was harsh but the good outcome - it made people to explore local areas more. I an not an exception. To tell the truth, I alway take a chance to see a new location however very often I take a day trip to nearby Highlands or coast line as local walks seems to be available an easy to go. As a result - I never go see to them! Restrictions made us all to give a go to neighborhood little gems we used to ignore as Scotland is very rich for breathtaking scenery.  One evening, scrolling Insta feed  to check nice walking path around my house, I suddenly saw a...

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Day Trip to Ruby bay

When it comes to beach walk, Scotland may confuse anyone with the wide selection of options can drive to within an hour from Edinburgh. And Kingdom of Fife (north west from Edinburgh, just across the Firth of Forth) is full of different scenic routes and beaches that will steal your heart and will make your camera roll burst of sea views photos. After lockdown was lifted a bit, we decided to take kids to burn their crazy somewhere outdoors and as all our family prefer easy and chill type of day travel, we went to a little town of Elie and beach called Ruby bay (I didn't know the reason of such name at the time) because it was not...

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Glencoe. My personal savage heaven on this planet

It is cold and gloomy. It is windy and not much friendly. It will not be so keen on showing its treasures and make sure you are comfortable to enjoy them. But it is absolutely unspeakably beautiful. It is Scotland. There is no any other place in the world that would be same savage and cold, but so attractive you have no  any chance to visit without leaving a part of your heart in its wild glens and majestic mountains. At the middle of the spring I been invited to take a part as supplier and model in international photo boot camp in my very favorite place on this planet - Glencoe. Thanks to my talented friend Olesija, who been helping a lot...

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