Day Trip to Ruby bay

When it comes to beach walk, Scotland may confuse anyone with the wide selection of options can drive to within an hour from Edinburgh. And Kingdom of Fife (north west from Edinburgh, just across the Firth of Forth) is full of different scenic routes and beaches that will steal your heart and will make your camera roll burst of sea views photos.

After lockdown was lifted a bit, we decided to take kids to burn their crazy somewhere outdoors and as all our family prefer easy and chill type of day travel, we went to a little town of Elie and beach called Ruby bay (I didn't know the reason of such name at the time) because it was not that far, there was a cozy beach with nearby parking, a small lighthouse and couple of old ruins in area. Also just 5 min drive there is a st. Monans harbor which I remember to be told as a cute area with lots of old houses and boats.

There is no much of fun facts or unusual information about Ruby bay on internet, every blog post is pretty standard. So I just show some of shots I made during the visit. Its really pretty and nice area to spend a sunny day on. But remember it is Scotland, so better to have wind proof jacket anyway. The Ruby bay is quite still and hidden from hight winds, but if you will decide to take a hiking route from St. Monanas to Elie (which includes two ruined castles (Newark and Ardross - they both are pretty much just one wall and couple of basement structures) and old kirk of St. Monans, better to be prepared. I can't remember any single day when there would be no cold and fair strong winds on shores of Northen Sea. 

Elie Ness light house is nice tiny lighthouse with white walls and concrete  walking bridge situated on the edge of sandy beach. Build in early 20th century,it still operates nowadays. 

From Lighthouse there you can see another curiosity - remains of Lady's tower, built around 1760 for Lady Janet Anstruther who used it as bathing house during her swims.

On cliffs level, there is a little chamber just before the tower (if you walk from the Light house) - probably the only one sheltered from wind spot on this side of bay. It was used as changing room by  Lady Janet who preferred not to spoil joy of swimming with any clothing. They say, servants used to ring bells when Lady Janet was swimming in the sea so locals could save their lives and stay away from bay. I don't think  bells had been going long - the waters are cold even in summer time.

But the most curious thing about the cozy beach that old changing chambers are facing is that you may find there garnet crystals! Very tiny and mostly low grade, but real garnets. That's why this spot is called Ruby bay - since ancient times people been collecting red crystals and mistaken them with rubies. At my opinion, it is still a cool activity - try to find couple of crystals for yourself. I didin't know about that, so went back home without any treasures apart from couple of sea finds.

I also couldn't resist to have a visit to St. Monanans bay to check instgarmable spot of Sea Wall on East pier - unusually shaped  concrete structure that running into the sea.

Also there is an old mill 10 minutes walk up north, but I haven't chance to check it. Maybe next time when I will go on hunt for Elie garnets. Streets around pier are just adorable and full of coastal charm. Lovely day trip destination to anyone who likes a mix of follies - natural and man made. Hope to come back soon again.

Just another curiosity I spot along the way to Ruby bay - old abandoned hotel