The edge of the perception

Have you ever thought about how you may look in the eyes of others? 

They say, marketing is a skill that let you speak the language of your auditory. From my own experience and my friends stories, I know that most of struggles for new artists, especially when they aim to set up a business, comes from a question - what I represent and how can I state that through my own business style? You see, there is nothing about "what should I produce to be heard" because creations come first, we are already creating them. But if we want to sell them, we need to position yourself on market in specific way, you need to tell your story on language that your followers will understand no matter what language they are speaking in real life. And so, visual channel is leading way to connect with your tribe.

I always see my creations like very flexible in style, modern but with some bohemian twist, fashionable and suitable for many styles. But I know I need to pick up a specific way to represent them and I choose something that felt like important part of my own perception -  a bit of magical view, a promise of fairy tale in real life, witchy and chick, natural and bare, but not casual. And so I started to speak that language to my customers because it is their language of symbols, meanings and aesthetic as well. 

But I am fascinated about how other artists and photographers use my creations to fit in their own arts. And so I want to share this avantgarde and beautiful series of portraits that are captured by German photographer Dennis Leiding. Check his website  and instagram for fashion inspiration. I am really proud with this collaboration and amazed by how Dennis view and photoart had incorporated my jewelry into top fashion accessories. Products are the same and known by you all, but the perception is different. Such a magic!