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The edge of the perception

Have you ever thought about how you may look in the eyes of others?  They say, marketing is a skill that let you speak the language of your auditory. From my own experience and my friends stories, I know that most of struggles for new artists, especially when they aim to set up a business, comes from a question - what I represent and how can I state that through my own business style? You see, there is nothing about "what should I produce to be heard" because creations come first, we are already creating them. But if we want to sell them, we need to position yourself on market in specific way, you need to tell your story on language that your...

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Autumn gold

When creative minds and talents meet, beautiful things happening. I am pretty glad to live in ages when interenet making communication much more faster and esier. Just a couple weeks ago I got a message from amazing photographer I've been following for some time on instagram. At that moment I thought I am so blessed to meet new creative soul, but I never though I also meet a new friend. Darja is not only a talented artist that simply making magic with her camera, but absolutely enthusiastic creator, who has a loads of beautiful ideas and ready to bring them into reality. But no matter what I will say about Darja, her works speaking louder than my words. Photography -...

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