Secret garden

All creative people, who turned their passion into business, probably know that feeling when you want to try to work with something new but that not gonna take off and become another signature product. And you just not go for that because you feeling like you are wasting your time instead of working on something that already known by your fans and followers. You know your skills and your ways and there is always a luck of time for personal projects.

Once my husband said to me - don't feel guilty if you want to work on something that is not related to your brand and style, do something new, just for fun. Because there is no growth in any area if there is no new things to appear, new mistakes to learn from and new ideas, no matter how different they are from anything that was before.

And I need to admit he was right.

I have a million and one idea in my head, but always stuck with one simple thing that seems to be impossible to overcome - to find a practical purpose to realize my idea. I know, it sounds strange from someone who is making crowns in 2018 that things should be practical, but that is really a core of my arts - I like them to be made for something, to find their place in real life, rather than be art in sake of art (yep, I am jealous on those who can just go with a flow and make art without any purpose).

This year I wanted to work more on props and new materials. Not much practical stuff, but something new and beautiful. Lucky me, I have friends who always come up with some arty ideas I can put my hands on. And so my very talented photo-magician Darja asked if I can do a very princess and surreal crown for the photoshoot with her sister. I had no idea how I could do that crown, but I said yes. Because without new challenges there is no progress.  And right next day I knew exactly what that crown will be looking like and how will I make it.

Another thing I love to do is to create something out of nothings, just with what you can find at your kitchen, craft box and kids room. And so the fantastic crown made of sticks, hot glue, beads and spray paint been born just in one evening. And I absolutely love the result same as the whole process of picking up materials and thinking about the design. One little craft projects turned into beautiful series of magical photos. 

So take my hand and come with me through the secret door into hidden garden...

Photography - Darja Bylik 

Crown - MoonDome