Display and organize jewellery: pain or joy?

Every jewelley designer or lover must once to face this: how to store or display your treasures?

I am mad about how to organize and display my endless collections, and my motto is - the beautiful things must be displayed in beautiful way. I have a whole pin board on Pinteres with storage ideas and beautiful display inspirations for jewelry shops, private collections and craft venues. After some ages spent on craft fairs, it seems to me that I finally found the way to organize my spot in beautiful and costumer friendly way. Because you know, my meaning of beautiful is not always utility focused which is not good at all. Maybe I just love to organize looking windows and sales spots?? There is no any other excuse for me to change my showcase a hundred times, I guess :).

About a month ago a started to look for some beautiful ways to display my crowns and tiaras. I will have a wedding venue soon and the main focus will be on bridal jewelry. And guess what? I had no any idea how to display all my gorgeous creations! I didn't like any of dummy heads I could afford. I know a lots of designers can relate to this, hah. One day I went to my kids room and came across toy earth globe and it was like - evrika! Globes - crystal globes, moon globes, celestial globes - what can be better? Just one thing - vintage globes! More vintage globes, please! I hope, I will find a real vintage globe which will suits me perfectly soon... And I really do hope it will not cost like a half of ours family car, lol.


So here some  of my home studio shots in preparation to the wedding fair and it seems to me just perfect. Sorry to be so narcissistic, but just look. Isn't it beautiful combo? love it. 



Crystal ball was real pain to make a photo as it reflect everything! But after some manipulations it seems to be nice on pictures. And it also was my child dream - to have that mystical piece at my home. Thank you, my tiny home business for all my dreams coming true!