DIY paper crown

This year I decided I have too much sleep (sarcasm) and with a little help and inspiration from one of my creative friends, I've started a challenge where I make a crown each week of 2021. You can follow my crown journey on Instagram or TikTok   via hashtag #52crowns. This week I decided to make a lil DIY available for any level of skills as this crown only needs paper / card, scissors and glue. Also a printer, but that's might be less challenging than to find some scissors in modern household. 

Ok, let's see if I am amble to make a tutorial. Lots of people asking me about tutorials, but somehow I have a feeling I am not good in dividing my creative process into steps and describing them. 

Step 1

Download this picture  and prepare A4 sheet of paper or thin card that your printer not gonna choke on (like mine does 2 in 3 tries). You can also print the pic on paper and cut all the shapes to outline them on thicker cardboard. I had some of silver glitter paper about 300 gsm density and it worked fine! So print or outline the pic from the link above on the back side of the sheet and cut out all elements 

Step 2 

Now its time to fold the spikes to give them 3D look. To make it easier, I used a ruler and a sharp tool to press down the lines so fold are more smooth. Note that middle line is for folding inside and the little wings at the bottom of the spike are for folding outside

You should have something like this by the end of folding

Step 3 

Now you can glue everything together. I prefer glue gun, but you can use any adhesive suitable for your material. Here I've used sellotape because glue gun wasn't ready. Yeah, sometimes I am lazy...

After gluing all together your crown is nearly ready! 

At this point I decided to round the ends of the headband. You can skip it and follow the pattern 

Step 4 

Let's add some kind of fastening to this sparkling beauty. You can go for any option you prefer. For some reason I thought it's a good idea to glue on the ribbon all the way along the headband. It worked tho, but in my second attempt I used silicone elastic and scrapbook pins along with a hot glue and it worked as well 

And than I add a bit of security blob of glue to the ends of the headband edges over the ribbon. You can apply your creative skills and find better way to make it work, I almost sure you will do it better!

And voila! You have your own crown! I hope you enjoyed this crafty project and will give me some support during my challenge of #52crowns