Custom amethyst pendant

Please don't tell me that you are not in love with amethyst! Because that was one of the very first crystals in my private kid collection and still one of the favorite ones.

Actually, purple color is very rare among crystals. But amethyst with all its color specter from pale lilac to intense deep purple - is one of the common crystals on the earth. Thanks to a big variety of shades, you barely could find two identical crystals. Especially speaking about Chevron Amethyst - bounded with lighter color stripes. Ant that one is my favorite type for sure. So I was quite exited to put my hands on custom order with beautiful teardrop cabochon of chevron amethyst.  And I am very happy with how it terns with wire wrapped frame around gorgeous stone. Not a lot of wire wrapping in my creative life at the moment, so I really have a piece of joy creating this pendant.