Aquria blue aura quartz brass ring - MoonDome - 1
Aquria blue aura quartz brass ring - MoonDome - 2

Aquria blue aura quartz brass ring


Aqua blue aura quartz stetted on textured brass is just full of shining energy and good vibes. Beautiful sea blue color of raw quartz perfectly matches golden tone of bras. Stylish and so bohemian ring! Perfect gift for crystal lover, yogi or gypsy soul friend. And it is more then just a pretty thing, it it a real talisman packed with love and light!

This bohemian inspired ring are created with solid brass, cut and shaped by hand. Ring includes real raw quart, uncut and unpolished, just like Nature created it.

Raw quartz is also a beneficial gemstone. Quartz crystals are naturally formed to help it's owner to increase life energy and spiritual vision. Aqua aura quartz also permanently treated by fusing silver on a bare crystal, winch is also giving to the stones vibes of metal - strength
and providing extra protection.

This ring is a great gift, as all gifted gemstones becomes most beneficial talismans.
I bet, your friend will love it!

Size is adjustable

The product you will get could be slightly different due to the nature of hand crafted pieces and crystals.
Please, check care instruction to get some information about keeping yours MoonDome jewellery as new during wearing.