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Display and organize jewellery: pain or joy?

Every jewelley designer or lover must once to face this: how to store or display your treasures? I am mad about how to organize and display my endless collections, and my motto is - the beautiful things must be displayed in beautiful way. I have a whole pin board on Pinteres with storage ideas and beautiful display inspirations for jewelry shops, private collections and craft venues. After some ages spent on craft fairs, it seems to me that I finally found the way to organize my spot in beautiful and costumer friendly way. Because you know, my meaning of beautiful is not always utility focused which is not good at all. Maybe I just love to organize looking windows and...

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She said: "I do!"

Have you ever thought that we are living in such a great time, when you can rich a person from the other side of the globe with a quick message? We are so used to this amazing things nowadays. I wish the mail arrive same - click, and it is here! but... Couple month ago a lovely bride contact me and asked if I can post some of my jewelley very fast as she will have her wedding in two weeks, in USA, while I am (still) based in Scotland. Sure, I can! - I said. And parcel been on the way in next couple hours. I like to have those special orders - it is a lots of rush, but...

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