Linn Jaw Waterfall: from lucky find to Indian themed photoshoot

There is always a bright side, right? This lockdown in Scotland was harsh but the good outcome - it made people to explore local areas more. I an not an exception. To tell the truth, I alway take a chance to see a new location however very often I take a day trip to nearby Highlands or coast line as local walks seems to be available an easy to go. As a result - I never go see to them! Restrictions made us all to give a go to neighborhood little gems we used to ignore as Scotland is very rich for breathtaking scenery. 

One evening, scrolling Insta feed  to check nice walking path around my house, I suddenly saw a beautiful snapshot of waterfall and geotag said its only about 2 miles away! I couldn't believe after 5 years living in my town, I never heard about this place. Maybe someone tagged a wrong spot? It turned out it's a real spot just nearby - beautiful Linn Jaw waterfall outskirts Livingston looks like it miles and miles drive somewhere up north. 

Next day we went to find exact location with kiddos (there is no exact spot in google maps, but you can start walking from this spot  by walking path up in woods and it will lead you to the accurate location about 15 minutes away from road). There is no any parking next to footpath, but there is a little spot to leave your car off the road uphill after bridge. Be careful to approach the waterfall as last few meters are very slippery at wet weather and there is no organized access to the pools and river. However, for me it was 150% worth it!! 

Just look at this beauty


The footpath to there is also very beutiful!


After lockdown been lifted, I came back there with my friend Angela and we made a nice Indian themed photoshoot! It wasn't easy considering absence of safe track down to waterfall, but result is great and I appreciate how Angela managed to stay calm and beautiful soaking wet in waterfall. 

We started at wee lake with this gorgeous golden sunshine 


Than a quick stop at picturesque peat stream with gorgeous ferns 


And than waterfall! The good thing about this spot - there are no much people there. So it was easy for me and for Angela to make shots we wanna to take without extra attention 


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