Distant Princess by Leigh Bishop Photo

What would you do if you have a stunning crown sitting in your jewelry box? Just keep it there and waiting for occasion to take it out to sunlight? Don't wait for the occasion, create it! And photoshoot is one of the best ways to dress up like a princess and memorize your inner royalty in breathtaking pictures.

I will tell you a secret about my crowns. They are magical. Even if you don't have reason to wear it, after getting a crown - you will shortly have a perfect occasion to rock your precious hairpiece around! Believe me, it worked even for me!

Last weekend I had a great times with talanted Leigh. It would be a crime not to share the beautiful outcome of the shoot. 

For more inspiring fine art photo - check out Leigh's website http://www.leighbishopphotography.com/. I am absolutely charmed with her amazing works and pleased to be her model.